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EdCast Marketplace

A leading B2B e-commerce platform for all training products and services
EdCast Marketplace is a global B2B e-commerce platform that enables corporate L&D teams to source all their training products and services from a single, integrated learning ecosystem. The Marketplace offers an ever-expanding catalog of self-paced and (virtual) instructor-led training programs in Technology, Soft Skills, Leadership, Compliance, and various other subjects, in an agile and on-demand e-commerce environment.
The Marketplace empowers enterprises to create an engaging ‘Digital First’ learning experience for employees of all job roles, skill levels, and learning styles with unlimited scalability. EdCast Marketplace seamlessly extends the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) at no extra cost.

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EdCast Vendor Management System (VMS)

One single platform to manage all your training vendors
EdCast Vendor Management System (VMS) is a full-stack SaaS solution for enterprises to effectively manage their training vendors, products, and services in one integrated environment. VMS boosts operational efficiencies by enabling unified supplier management, reducing training costs, and streamlining the process of onboarding new vendors.
Save time and resources as you leverage the Power of One Contract & One Invoice between your enterprise and EdCast. The EdCast VMS can seamlessly integrate with the EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide enterprises with a single platform for all learning activities.

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EdCast Courses & Events

EdCast events and courses to simplify enterprise training delivery.
The EdCast Courses and Events is an important extension to the EdCast LXP as it enables enterprises to plan, organize and deliver live, virtual, blended, and self-paced courses and in a modern and agile fashion. EdCast LXP also allows you to manage enrollments, instructors, venues, groups of learners, and completions are important.
The EdCast Courses and Events offers a unique opportunity for enterprises to simplify the delivery of knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to compete in an increasingly complex environment. It also enables enterprises to better meet the evolving needs of their workforce by providing access to cutting-edge information and talent through one flexible, cost-effective solution.

EdCast Customer Academy

Your own platform to commercialize your training assets and resources
EdCast Customer Academy provides enterprises with advanced training management capabilities, to help them make the extended enterprise more knowledgeable about their products. Customer Academy, which can be easily integrated with LXP, enables enterprises to plan, sell, and deliver training programs to their extended enterprise, such as distributors or franchisees. Enterprises can also offer their courses to their own employees, or even commercialize them publicly.
By making extended enterprise know more about your products and services through Customer Academy, you empower teams to make truly informed sales pitches and sell more! Simply put, you achieve your strategic goals faster as you use EdCast’s simplified yet intuitive learning ecosystem to train your stakeholders.

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